13 August 2016

August 2016 - Third Update of the Year!


Haiiii. Ada orang ke ni? Hihi. Actually I am working today but no work to do. Yes, no work at all sebab now is not the peak season for my department. Next month kot start busy.

Btw, baru perasan ada several readers send their inquiries through comment in this blog. Unfortunately, I didn't update this blog frequently so I didn't notice all the comments. You can email your inquiry direct to my email ya. I will try to reply from there.

I have a good news to share. Alhamdulillah Amira is now 14 weeks and 1 day pregnant. :) I didn't expect it at all because I planned to conceive after raya. But Allah knows best for us right. For sure my husband is the most happiest person when he knew about this. And thanks to him who always take care and treat me like a baby. Haha. Semoga Allah memberi ganjaran kebaikan kepada awak sayang.

Will update regarding the pregnancy at the next post.

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