31 August 2014

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

*entri takde kena mengena dengan tajuk.

10th August, I already confirmed as permanent staff. Wohoooo. Celebrate the confirmation with come in late to the office for two consecutive weeks. Haha. Okay let me inform you what had happened to my life this past few months. 

Since my internship last year (it has been a year, rasa macam baru semalam. sobb) i stayed with my uncle at Pinggiran USJ. Then when i got the job at Bandar Baru Klang, my mom asked me to stay with him too. Everything is running smoothly till early of June. My uncle's father in law had passed away and since his wife only have two siblings (the other one is staying at Seremban), he decided to stay with his mother in law. So about a month I stay alone at Pinggiran USJ because I will relocate to other house by July. Unfortunately there is few things happened. Thus, during fasting month I stay with my family in Banting and I drove all the way from Banting to Bandar Baru Klang everyday. I repeat, everyday.

After raya, my mom asked me to stay with my aunt at Taman Teluk Gadung Indah nearby Port Klang. The journey only took 30 minutes for me to reach my office. Suddenlyyy there is construction that take 8 months to finish at the bridge, the name is Jambatan Kem kot. I was like urghhhh whyyyy. why now. :( So that is the reason why I always come in late. Haha. Maybe I need to go out by 7 am. Same like when I drive from Banting. Perghhh. Just imagine the horrible traffic jammed. You only drive a Kancil, while you surround by a millions of lorries. Huwaaaa.

Okay now we move to other topic. My planning is to buy a car by next year. So sekarang memang struggle kumpul down payment supaya installment tak tinggi sangat. Btw, last two weeks I almost submit all documents to buy a car. Haha. Nafsu tak dapat nak kawal sebab lawa gile kereta tu. Guess what. A Picanto. Ya I know most of you akan cakap tak berbaloi sebab mahal tapi dah memang minat nak buat camne kan. Since sekolah menengah okay dah aim Picanto. Tapi sebab tak direstui oleh ayahanda, maka terpaksa batalkan hasrat tersebut. Kita ikut kemampuan je la ye. So aim for local product. Maybe Axia. Manual transmission. Solid. Variant apa tak decide lagi. Sebab nak tunggu kereta tu keluar. Or maybe will wait till Proton keluarkan kereta compact dia. So tengok je la tahun depan ye.