11 July 2012


a status copied from my FB friend

" If you have someone waiting for you, just let me know. I hope you will choose the one who may help you to spread the Deen, increase your deed, improve your Akhlaq and bring you closer to Allah swt. Remember, it's not an easy task and I love you my son. " - Ummi.

our moms nowadays
choose the most handsome/beautiful
choose the rich one or at least has stable income
don't forget to look at the education level

and don't forget about the high dowry and so on

oh mummy
i want a husband that can accompany me to the Jannah, not only accompany me in this world, temporary.
i want our families to be there all together so it is important for me to choose someone who can bring us to the Jannah.

maaf sbb grammar berterabur. haha.

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