06 June 2012

serangan hormon adrenalin


I am nervous for tomorrow (Bizz Day of Excellence at DATC, UITM Shah Alam)
I am nervous for the day after tomorrow (Survival Mahasiswa UITM & kuiz Advanced Office Software App)
I am nervous for next week because it is full of common tests (Management of Administrative Records 2, Administrative Office Management 2, Communication for Administrative Professionals 2, and Advanced Office Software Applications.)

Agak lega bila madam cancel kelas pukul 2 ni. At least boleh siapkan kerja lain. Tapi bukan bermakna gembira sebab anak madam sakit ye.

Today is my roommate's birthday. And tomorrow is mine. :D I dont know how to describe my feeling right now. There are too many things that i need to think about. test, assignment, final exam, carry mark, love.

Apa-apa pun marilah letakkan sepenuh pergantungan pada Allah. Hanya DIA yang dapat tolong kita. Hasbunallahuwani'malwakeel~

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