05 October 2009

Government And Federalism

o A body has the power to govern a country.
o Government can be democracy and dictatorship.
o Responsibilities & obligation towards people.
o Government must trustworthy & does not allow infringement of individual rights.

 Democratic government
o Basis of democratic government- consent of the people.

o Election- insufficient to guarantee democracy.

o Whether a society is a democratic society is depends on the practice of democracy.

o In Malaysia:
 Election
 Freedom of speech
 Freedom / right to assemble
 Freedom of religion

o Freedom of people  execution of government power
 If the power of government is  the freedom of people 
 If the power of government  it is hard to govern a country.

 What is government for?
o To archive aims / objective of a country. E.g. vision 2020

o A government system is a tool to enforce development policies(utk melaksanakan program pembangunan kerajaan). Policies must contain democracy principle.

 Basic features of government provided in constitution
o Art 32- There shall be head of the federation (YDPA)
o Art 3- religion of federation (Islam)

 Federalism
o Combination of small unit into larger unit.
o Divided into 3:
 Federal power  state (quasi federation)
 Federal power  state (quasi federation)
 Federal power  state

o K.C Wheare- if the power of the federal & state in a federation, is not equilibrium then it will be a quasi federation.

 Written constitution
o Must be rigid because it holds the division of power.
o Can be amend by act of parliament with 2/3 majority.


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