15 August 2009

mari belajar law part 1


The absolute truth about the nature of humanity, given survivor as an aim put forward by HLA Hart in his book, "The Concept of Law".

Human Vulnerability
Emotionally humans are weak and easily can be intimidated. e.g. anger, jealous, depressed, sexually volatile where the people can easily influence us to commit violence and crime.
-sbb tu klw org putus cinta tu ade yg sanggup bunuh diri... cz easily hurt mentally and phisically...

Approximate Equally
Humans are almost but not fully equal. If you are born in India, they have the caste system that segregate your social status. Therefore we need some form of medium to balance the right.
-nampak mcm same tp msti ada perbezaan...

Limited Altruism
Human being lacks the ability to consider the well being and happiness of others before him/herself. The word 'I' always comes first before 'the other' i.e. we are selfish, self-centered, manipulative and opportunist.
- ya, aku akui itu...huhu

Limited Resources
Our senses as well as our ability to solve difficulties are very limited. We generally cannot foresee and predict the future. We cannot understand everyone as we are not far sighted enough. Our level of understanding is different because of different personality.
-hanya DIA yg maha mengetahui...

Limited Understanding and Strength of Will
Our knowledge and mental power in an attempt to do or to achieve something is not without limit. There are certain issues and area where we cannot understand and beyond our means.
- cnthnye, klw aku gado dgn encik am.. it is because we all have very limited understanding... btol x encik am? sbb tu ada je yg x kena...hoho..(ni cnth yg paling senang nk fhm..maaf yerk, sy promote blog anda skali..huhu)

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